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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Conference Aims to Heal 'Moral Injury' from Combat

On March 6th and 7th, the cty of Raleigh, North Carolina will host a first-ever conference aimed at treating veterans with wounds no bandage can cover: those in their souls.
The two-day forum is an attempt to bring light to "moral injury," a condition organizers say comes from making difficult decisions under fire -- ones that might violate personal moral codes under normal circumstances. Such injuries show up as survivor guilt, grief or shame, and they can stay bottled up for decades.

One of the conference organizers, Greg Brown, a former Army Chaplain, said of Moral Injury that "You're sometimes asked to betray the things you grew up with things that are morally and ethically right. This has never been tackled before. We do this simply by having the understanding -- the deep listening ear we are taught in soul repair."

The Soul Repair Center, which opened in 2012 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, was designed to research recovery from extreme distress. The center also trains congregations and seminaries to provide veterans with their spiritual needs.
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