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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here's A Look At The 2015 Defense Budget

The Pentagon’s new budget says military personnel spending should fall to its lowest point since 2008. The DoD cuts to compensation continue to shrink the military further with 36,700 troops from across the armed forces will bring the total size of active-duty servicemembers to around 1.31 million. The Army will absorb mort of the troop cuts. 

Even though the spending on military personnel is being reduced, what's worse is the rest of the defense budget rapidly shrinking in training, weapons purchase and research.

And it gets worse. 

The cost of health care for active-duty military families called Tricare will rise if Congress approves a plan by the Pentagin to increase medical co-pays for family members. 

Every single service of the Armed Forces are also facing reductions in force size. 

The Army will see close to 20,000 troops cut as the total size will fall to under 500,000. 

The Marine Corps will see funding eliminated for about 5,000 Marines from this year’s force of 188,800, as the target level for 2015 drops to 184,100 Marines.

The Air Force will also see significant reductions, down about 11,000 billets from this year’s target level of 322,200 airmen to next year’s level of about 310,900. 

The Navy will see only modest manpower reductions as the force drops a few hundred sailors from this year’s total of 323,900 sailors down to 323,600 in 2015. 

Expect more cuts and more servicemembers transitioning to the civilian sector. 

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