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Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Your Organization Can Be the Right Fit For a Veteran

400,000 and counting in resources while 40,000 non profits have created a vast sea of goodwill. Though this is quite a good problem to have considering that the sea shows people's willingness to help America's veterans and their families. We think the theoretical civilian military divide is not continuing to widen at all as some in the military community would say but rather not closing. 
Most organizations have difficulty allocating enough funds and resources to bolster their marketing efforts or increase brand visibility. Its a challenging time for non profits to ask for money to continue providing much needed service while finding cost effective ways to differentiate from other organizations. Close to 1 million servicemembers are expected to leave the miltiary and join their civilian counterparts so services are still very much needed but how do you let them know if your service is the right fit?
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