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Monday, March 10, 2014

These Marines Are Setting the Example of How to Confront Mental Health Stigma

Photo: Sgt. Carter Calvert (Courtesy of Sgt. Carter Calvert)
Marine Staff noncommissioned officer Ryan Culberson, who gained notoriety on a reality TV show around the country for his profanity enriched outbursts is now reaching out for help with his post-traumatic stress and encouraging other Marines who are struggling to do the same.

Culberson wants to set an example for other Marines who have resisted getting the treatment they need for PTS, often because they fear being labeled as “damaged goods.”

Another Marine, Sergeant Calvin Calvert, who went through a week long program called Save a Warrior found peace and is continuing to heal from war. Calvert hopes that the transfrmation he has made since returning from Save a Warrior help break the stigma that Marines who want treatment or help can't make things better or become successful. 

Calvert was quoted in the Marine Corps Times, "The stigma is real. I hope it changes. It’s pretty evident that you can get through this without it ruining your career, but until people acknowledge that the stigma exists and that cycle is broken, it won’t change.”

As the stigma of PTS is still prevalent, helping break down the barriers of stigma along with the benefits of therapy will help thousands of combat veterans transition back into civilian society. 

Read article on Marine Corps Times

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