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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Those in the Military: Be Careful What You Say and Do Online

In the past couple weeks, social media has destroyed the reputation of our military mostly from those who've previously served in it. 

However, Im not surprised. 

Anyone who served in the military knows that with the 90% of the service who uphold the military's values of honor, duty and commitment, there is always that 10% who operate at their own speed, follow their own path and fail to get in line with their unite. Unfortunately with the way the world works today, that 10% end up in the media for mistakes such as the soldier who photographed themself sitting in their card while reveille was happening. 

So far, two incidents have rocked the military community and infuriated its own. Chances are down the road, there will be another example that will outrage all of us even further so here's our two cents for those using social media. 

Be careful what you post. It may affect you now and it may affect you more down the line. There will be a day where you will be looking for employment, viable resources or enroll in college and it may come back to bite you. 

Character goes a long way these days so be cautious and careful of what you say and do online. 

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