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Monday, March 17, 2014

Tips on Building a Better Org for the Military Community via Career Builder

Here are some great tips from Author Daniel Forrester on how to build a better organization. 
1. Start with “why?” The first thing an organization has to do is start with “Why?” When you get that language right, you have a foundation upon which a culture can start to be built. Because that’s what people are looking for. 
2. Define your core values. You can’t move toward a values-based view of an organization until you have chosen core values. Leadership teams can declare, “These are our core values, and everybody get in line,” but the great ones take a step back to ask their people the following questions first:
3. Communicate constantly. The last — and most difficult — part about building a values-based organization culture is that leaders have to talk about it constantly — whether through the performance evaluation process, regular feedback or recognition systems.  When leaders do not practice the values and talk about them on a daily basis, those values become what I call “a plaque on the wall,” and that’s not acceptable. 
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