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211info and Unite Us Announce Partnership to Deliver Integrated Care in Oregon and Southwest Washington

By Sabina Loscalzo on July, 31 2018
211info Press Release 1

211info Press Release 1

Sabina Loscalzo

211info, the central social services information and referral hub serving Oregon and Southwest Washington, and Unite Us, the leading care coordination platform nationally, announce a new partnership that will support coordination among public, private and nonprofit organizations to address the social determinants of health in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The offering will accelerate 211info’s partnering with health systems by combining information and referral services with care coordination and outcome tracking software from Unite Us. Oregon and Washington have taken critical steps to further the integration of health care and social services. The joint product offering from 211info and Unite Us will support efforts to drive value along the care continuum while improving outcomes for residents of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The solution will develop collaborative networks to support people in Oregon and Southwest Washington by ensuring that their co-occurring needs have been met, while also gaining complete visibility into the entire health journey of each participating individual.

Through this joint offering, service organizations and people in need will have access to a growing network of connected clinical and non-clinical community providers. The network of providers will facilitate collaboration through secure electronic referrals and track every client interaction, service delivered and outcome occurring between agencies. The integrated solution will equip health systems, health plans, CCOs, government agencies and local communities across Oregon and Southwest Washington to effectively measure, manage and address the social determinants of health in their community.

“We are very excited to announce this innovative partnership, which will improve community and health care networks in Oregon and Southwest Washington,” said Dan Herman, CEO of 211info. “We know that connecting patients with social supports improves individual health outcomes and assists in creating healthier and more resilient communities. Our partners share the goal of improving community health, improving the patient experience and reducing the cost of health care. This new partnership gives us the infrastructure and technological capabilities to support health care transformation.”

“There is no need to build something from scratch when you can build upon existing community infrastructure,” said Taylor Justice, President of Unite Us. “211’s are a strategic asset but have fallen short when it comes to tracking outcomes. By partnering with the Unite Us platform, 211info now has a complete solution for health plans and hospital systems to address the social determinants of health, capture outcomes data, and improve the overall health and well-being of patients.”

Unite Us and 211info are working to develop solutions and programs that align to Oregon and Southwest Washington’s health system transformation efforts. These solutions will be available to the public, private and nonprofit sector in the coming months.

About Unite Us:

Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks connecting health and social service providers together. The company helps systems and communities efficiently deliver care and services by inter-connecting providers around every patient, seamlessly integrating the social determinants of health into patient care. Providers across the continuum can make external referrals and track every patient’s total health journey while reporting on all tangible outcomes across a full range of services in a centralized, cohesive, and collaborative ecosystem. This social infrastructure helps communities move beyond fragmented legacy resource directories and transform their ability to measure impact, improve health and track outcomes at scale.

About 211info:

211info is the central hub that empowers Oregon and Southwest Washington communities by helping people identify, navigate and connect with the local resources they need. People access 211info’s database via phone calls, texts, emails, a mobile app (IOS or Android) or the interactive website at Community information specialists, trained in active listening and trauma-informed practices, provide detailed referrals to community programs. Data analysis and reports improve transparency and inform partner organizations and elected officials about health and social service trends and unmet needs. 211info community engagement coordinators embedded in local communities provide real time, grassroots intelligence about emerging services. 211info’s work addresses the social determinants of health: food, housing, health care, family supports and specialized programs for child care, foster families, veterans, and maternal and child health.


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