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2-1-1 San Diego & Local Community Providers Build an Ecosystem of Collaborative Care

By Micheline Tocco on August, 17 2017


By Micheline Tocco, Director of Account Management

Last Thursday, August 10, more than 60 leaders from Veteran and military serving organizations in San Diego came together to recap the first six months of the SD United Coordinated Care Network powered by Unite Us and to candidly discuss the path ahead.

Bill York, Executive Vice President of 2-1-1 San Diego addressed the room. “In only six months of launching this network, we’re already seeing success and results in the form of improved access and speed of service” York said. “Let’s work together to keep building the momentum as we move forward.”

SD United, spearheaded by 2-1-1 San Diego with collaborative support from a dozen Steering Committee members from Veteran and military providers, launched in February 2017 with the goal to better serve active duty and military Veterans in the San Diego region by providing a seamless approach to the service delivery system that results in clear outcomes, real-time data and ensures that no one falls through the cracks.  Unite Us and 2-1-1 San Diego partnered together to build SD United which now includes providers that serve Veterans across the “Social Determinants of Health” including, SSVF grantee housing providers, employment services, mental/behavioral healthcare organizations, and financial services. As the numbers point to progress in San Diego, local network stakeholders are eager for more providers to participate on the platform, especially knowing that San Diego has a large community of military providers that already share many tenants of the collective impact model including a common agenda while being open to collaboration, cooperation and integration.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 10.33.11 AM.png                                               Bill York, Executive Vice President of 211 San Diego

Becky Sanford, Lead Navigator at Zero8Hundred, a service working with transitioning Veterans, reinforced that “part of the challenge is that there is already such great collaboration here in San Diego, so it can be hard for people to move beyond the status quo. But SD United is showing up to be really great. It’s single entry so clients only need to give their information one time, easy to use, and there’s an accountability factor [for participating organizations].” By operating on the Unite Us platform, providers in the SD United network are better able to collaborate by increasing timeliness, efficiency, and transparency, meeting our ultimate goal of better serving our Veterans.

The participants agreed that care coordination is moving away from resource directories and warm handoffs and evolving to the creation of a collaborative ecosystem where providers can share information and have a 360-degree view of their clients’ total health journey,  while also providing outcomes and data for better community planning and efficient collaboration. With SD United, the results speak for themselves: 910 service requests addressed across service domains, hours of client time saved from having to re-tell their story and 50 homeless Veterans permanently housed in as little as two weeks.

So what does the path forward look like? It requires trust in a coordinated system, and trust that when a provider hands off a client, that client will get timely and effective service.

Bill York closed the meeting with one call to action: “We need to work together and talk about these things. We need to be able to pull back that curtain and ask, how long does it take to receive service? Isn’t it good for us to know as a community that it takes this long? And how do we know we’re actually improving services if we don’t collect the data? We have some incredible collaboration here in San Diego- we HAVE an ecosystem of support. But we will continue to build a better ecosystem.”

Unite Us is proud to be the technology that supports the SD United Network, the network providers on the platform and the entire Veteran and Military ecosystem of San Diego. We look forward to the future of collaboration and coordination to better serve our Veteran and Military Families in the San Diego region.

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