Building on our DEI Commitment

By Ariffa Bevin on June 29, 2021
Unite Us team

As the Unite Us team grows, we recognize the need to be intentional about diversity among team members, and to put in place initiatives to support them, including efforts focused on psychological safety. We gauge our success by seeking direct feedback from the Unite Us team.


“I remember my first day at Unite Us,” says Nikki Odofin, Technical Project Management team member at Unite Us. “There was a company-wide all-hands meeting, and the very first slide read, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ That was my introduction to Unite Us. The CEO and President took the time to let that all-hands meeting be a safe space for team members to decompress, express their fears, their frustrations, and even some people’s ignorance and their desire to want to learn more.”

We have recently updated our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) webpage to reflect these efforts and strengthen the message that all are welcome here, and that we are committed to this journey of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In our effort to lead the sector on DEI, we have made the following information available to our partners and the general public:

  • an overview of our gender inclusion initiatives
  • an explanation of how the Unite Us team defines “Cultural Competence” and “Cultural Humility,” as well as DEI
  • a “Look at Our Team” section, which depicts the spectrum of  gender identity and sexual orientation of our team members
  • an overview of our long-standing commitment to our work and mission in diversity, equity, and inclusion

Please visit our DEI webpage for more information.


Hear from our team!

We value the voices of our team members, honoring and acknowledging their role as leaders, contributors, and partners to the work and initiatives that make Unite Us impactful. Last year, you heard from our team about our work and dedication to advancing health equity. This year, we decided to look at the broader concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and discuss the ways in which the Unite Us team approaches our work through the lens of DEI.


“If we are doing this radical work, transforming the community, healing the community externally, we have to have that same commitment internally at our organization,” says Zahra Abadin, Associate Agile Delivery Manager. “That means that we practice radical candor. It means that we not only have diversity of thought, but we also have representation of different identities in conversations, and we have our commitment to education.”


In this new video, you will hear from various team members, including our analytics team and the leads of the DEI committee. Each team member tells their own story and testament to how Unite Us’ commitment to DEI is reflected in their work.



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