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Providing the Only End-to-End Solution for Social Care

By Unite Us on February 2, 2022
At Unite Us, we believe that the future of health is in the community. That's why we've developed the only end-to-end social care solution.



Watch the video to learn more about how Unite Us:

  • Identifies gaps in access to social care
  • Predicts and identifies social care needs through individual social needs scoring
  • Connects individuals to social care services in their communities
  • Reduces cost of care by helping funders like governments, foundations, and health plans make investments in community-based services that drive impact
  • Increases social care funding for social care providers to enhance and scale their services
  • Tracks, measures, and ties impact of services to outcomes
  • Protects client data privacy and seamlessly integrates systems of record across the community, all in one platform

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