Serving In and Out of Her Uniform

By Sabina Loscalzo on November, 9 2017
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Fatima Aguilar has served in the US Army since 2005 and is currently in the New Jersey Army National Guard. As we are writing this post she is assisting with the Hurricane Maria Relief in Puerto Rico.

Fatima is a mental health specialist at Vets4Warriors,  a confidential, stigma free, 24 hour peer to peer veteran and military family member support line. Fatima works on a team that makes and receives 900-1000 calls a week from Veterans in need. Vets4Warriors also serves as the coordination center lead for the R4 Coordination Care Network, the first national coordinated network of recreational, therapeutic, and rehabilitation organizations across the nation. The R4 Network launched this past July and is the first national coordinated network.

Our interview with Fatima shows her personal dedication to finding new challenges and always looking ahead. Her passion is connecting people to the right resources so they can take control of the often difficult challenges that they face. Her work with Veterans at home or serving the community in Puerto Rico speaks volumes to her character and we are honored to be able to work with her at Vets4Warriors.


Q. What are the reasons that you got into the work you're doing now? 

A. Serving those in need and learning new skills that are consistently challenging me on different levels. 

Q. Why do you love it?

A. Life does not become stagnant, it allows me to adjust to different scenarios.  To be flexible and have the skills that are necessary not only in my civilian job, but in our daily lives. My experience in the military has allowed me to be a role model for my two boys.

Q. What has been the impact of what you and your organization are doing? 

A. At Vets4Warriors, we have been able to connect with our Veterans and service members at any hour of the day. We are on phone call away, message or email. The convenience of having a Veteran immediately at your fingertips. We have been able to assist many Veterans in their times of need. 

Branch of Service: NJ Army National Guard, US Army

Length of Service: 12 Years

When did you serve: 2005-Present

Where did you serve: 25th Infantry Division in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and currently assisting with the Hurrican Maria Relief in Puerto Rico. 

Fatima thank you for your service over the past 12 years. We are honored to work with you and your team and are excited for the future!

Thank You,

From Unite Us



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