Connecting Providers Across State Lines: Internetwork Referrals

By Ally Pratt on October 17, 2018


Ally Pratt

Unite Us is proud to announce that we’re scaling our networks across state lines. We’ve been working with our partners to carefully develop and employ internetwork referrals which extend beyond the local community and over multiple states. This functionality helps ensure that any individual seeking services – no matter where they present their needs – are connected to the best-fit providers.

As the healthcare sector continues to transition from volume to value, silo boundaries dissolve, and social and behavioral care is integrated into service delivery, it’s important for us to ensure that coordination between health systems locally and nationally is feasible. We perfected our process at a local level. Now, clients can be covered by our networks even if they move across the country.

In urban areas, individuals commonly seek care from multiple clinics and hospitals which lack the ability to easily or uniformly share information or make referrals amongst each other. In rural areas, this same challenge of provider inconsistency exists, but clinics and hospitals additionally suffer from the obstacle of physical distance. Further, we’ve seen that certain vulnerable populations – Veterans in the AmericaServes network, for example – are especially transient, making the transition of care even more challenging.

In each of these conditions and countless others, the same challenge exists: the lack of a trusted system for the seamless transfer of patient information or coordination across organizational boundaries. This type of system is necessary to ensure that people are effectively and reliably connected to the right providers and receiving the services they need.

Our first internetwork referrals started in networks around the country with our partners at AmericaServes (which was created by Syracuse University's IVMF). This model quickly taught the industry that service delivery has no borders. Since internetwork referrals were implemented through our software, we’ve connected networks across 16 communities containing over 1,000 organizations who’ve already sent 500 internetwork referrals and counting. As we continue to grow our presence nationally, the capability to connect across network boundaries will be available to all new users.

With this ability, our users are able to track their clients’ longitudinal journeys across the country. We’re capturing more data than ever before. Now, we can actually demonstrate with real-time data how transient certain populations, like Veterans, are. We’re allowing clients to have a support system ready for them in a new city or state before they even arrive.

The greater aim of this functionality is to prevent future silos from emerging among networks. We see amazing programs and initiatives around the country integrating care between clinical, behavioral, and social services every day. We want to extend the ability to collaborate even further, so we’re connecting networks, providers, and patients across the country.

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