In-Progress Reviews: Listening to Our Clients’ Stories

By Sam Kimler on October, 31 2018

 Sam Kimler


In my role as an Account Manager at Unite Us, it’s my job to ensure our clients have an optimal experience using our software. I spend most of my time taking feedback from clients on how we can improve our platform while providing advice on how users can best leverage our software to more efficiently serve their community. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to visit the communities that use our software at meetings called In-Progress Reviews, or IPRs. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to attend IPRs for our AmericaServes networks run by the Institute for Veteran and Military Families.

The idea for an IPR is simple: gather a community of service providers and stakeholders to share insights into the performance of their local network.

All of the data shared in IPRs is collected by the Unite Us platform. Networks powered by Unite Us can access hundreds of intelligible data points, giving them unparalleled access to actionable data while allowing them to better understand how their community is being served. Typical key insights include the number of individuals that have been connected to services, how efficiently they have been served, and what outcomes have been resolved.


IPRs are data-heavy, with each metric revealing deeper insights into the network, but the most powerful aspects of IPRs are immeasurable. Perhaps a network provides services to 1,500 individuals in three months. At an aggregate level, that’s fantastic, but each of those individuals has their own personal story and unique set of obstacles to overcome.


Take Rob for example. At a recent IPR for PAServes in Pittsburgh, Rob’s story was shared by Jim Yauger, a Program Manager at Team RWB. Rob had experienced a devastating house fire, and Jim knew that in order for Rob to recover from such a catastrophe, he would need support from a local community of providers. Using Unite Us, Jim created a referral for Rob and sent it to the Coordination Center. After receiving the referral, the PAServes Coordination Center was instantly able to send referrals to nine different organizations, each providing their own unique service for Rob. Referring clients via phone or email can be extremely time-consuming, but by using Unite Us, the PAServes Coordination Center was able to send these referrals within minutes. Sending these referrals through Unite Us also gave Jim from Team RWB and the PAServes Coordination Center the ability to track Rob’s progress within each of the organizations. In addition, each organization receiving a referral for Rob gained visibility into the type of care each of the others was providing, removing previous silos that did not allow this level of collaboration.


There are thousands of Robs out there. In this way, RIServes works to efficiently connect veterans to services in their community. RIServes' providers and stakeholders recently convened at their nine-month IPR to review the state of the network. What makes RIServes special is that it’s a state-wide network run by the Rhode Island Office of Veterans Affairs. With a complete reach across the state and support from state government, RIServes is able to connect veterans seeking services across the state with unparalleled capability.


Understanding the collective impact of a network is important, but seeing the impact at a micro level allows everyone in attendance to better understand the importance of their network. Without networks like PAServes and RIServes, perhaps clients like Rob wouldn't get connected to the services they need. Each individual seeking services has their own story, and Unite Us and our partners believe each and every one deserves a happy ending.


To learn more, here’s a video about the recent RIServes IPR including a few words from Kasim Yarn, the State Director of Veterans Affairs.


RIServes Network Spotlight August 2018


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