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Louisville Housing Initiative Case Study

By Unite Us on August 25, 2022

Greater Louisville and the surrounding counties have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and long-term housing inequalities, leaving residents struggling to achieve economic stability. To address these challenges, Metro United Way and Unite Us disseminated and tracked $1M through the Unite Us Payments solution to provide longer-term housing and wraparound support to 406 clients struggling with the continued effects of the pandemic.


The pilot program sought to:

  • Enhance community resilience through designated, capacity-building funds.
  • Optimize access to funds based on evolving needs and priorities.
  • Increase the visibility of data to support the need for flexible funding streams and identify other funding sources.


The results? Significant improvements in individuals’ mental and physical health with fewer reported unhealthy days.


Unhealthy Days Graph 8.25.22


There is a potential $8.00 per member per month higher medical cost associated with having an unhealthy day. This indicates long-term cost savings could be realized by increasing the number of individual healthy days.


Reaching People in Need with Social Care Funding

Metro United Way demonstrated the ability to have a real and lasting impact on the communities it serves—with Unite Us Payments solution providing the platform to monitor and measure that impact.

Unite Us provides partners in the community with one easy-to-use, secure, and compliant platform to coordinate social care, including social needs screening, referrals, and tracking of funding and outcomes.

Reducing the administrative burden thanks to automated workflows and reporting, our platform increases care teams’ efficiency and impact, as they can focus more on what they do best: helping people.


Download the case study to learn how Unite Us can bring better health outcomes to the people and communities you serve.


LV-flyer_mockup_rev001Download Case Study



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