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By Kelly Seeman

Between July 26th and 27th - Unite Us had the opportunity to visit with one of our valued partners in the coordination center of care - Mission United of Hampton Roads. The goal of this visit was simple - say thank you to the current providers that support clients across the social determinants of health  to improve the lives of Veterans, active duty military members and their families and to meet with new potential partners in the Virginia Peninsula.


Mission United of Hampton Roads believes in the power of community and collaboration as a means to improve the lives of Veterans, active duty military members and their families. As Mission United Of Hampton Roads looked to follow their vision they partnered with Unite Us to help them achieve their goals - the result was the launch of a collaborative network of community providers in 2016.

Prior to launch, Mission United was focused on building the foundations for the Network which included two main areas of focus; building the right team and engaging with community partners. They were successful and hired a great team to conduct client intakes, case management, and provider outreach. Unite Us then partnered closely with the Mission United team to develop a community socialization strategy to engage community providers to be part of this collaborative network.


Post network launch, Mission United has continued to grow their leadership role and presence within the community and has successfully communicated their vision of collaboration. Today they have concrete data (through Unite Us) to support their goals of building a network of providers that work together to improve the lives of Veterans and Military Families. They know that of all requests received by clients since launch on November 11, 2016 24% are for housing support with the majority of requests coming from Army and Navy Veterans. If you dive a little deeper, you see that 62% of those housing requests are for rental assistance, 25% are homeless or must be referred to the housing crisis hotline, and the remaining 13% are for mortgage assistance. This is only a snapshot of the data Mission United has real-time access to through using the Unite Us platform.

When Unite Us and Mission United first met the only information that existed for the Veteran community was census data; at a macro and impersonal level. Now, both organizations are learning in detail and in real-time about the Hampton Roads community to support service delivery improvement.

From the Coordination Center at Mission United

Social workers and others in the social service arena dedicate themselves to the betterment of their client’s lives as well as to the health and wellness of their communities. Too often in practice we enthusiastically advocate for a client only to have them disappear into the vast labyrinth of helping agencies. We refer to other agencies and don’t know if the client showed up for the appointment or if they did show up what assessments or services were provided. The beauty of the UniteUS platform is the ability to follow a client from initial contact to resolution of the presenting problem. This is a huge advantage in the case management of clients for social workers, making follow-up virtually effortless. It is also a huge advantage to the client as they are not left behind in the search for assistance as their case is monitored at every step.  The care coordination center can easily see if there has been a stall in the case because they receive an email whenever a note is made in the case by any of the partner agencies. If there is a stall, the care coordination center can reassess the client’s needs and ensure those needs are met using another referral if necessary. UniteUs has been the answer to the age-old social work question ‘I wonder what ever happened to...’ “.    – Michelle R. Story, MSW

IMG_0040.jpg                           Brian Longo, Unite Us Account Manager, in Hampton Roads


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