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Network Spotlight: TXServes San Antonio

By Keith Nicholson on November 25, 2019
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This is Military City, USA; this is San Antonio, Texas. TXServes San Antonio is a coordinated care network of local community-based providers supported by IVMF and powered by Unite Us. Our partners in the network are making connections happen, working together to provide services in a timely manner to veterans and their family members. Watch the video below to take a look at how they provides first-class service to the thousands of veterans and their family members in the community.



""Without TXServes, we would still be back in the Stone Age because we wouldn't have that vehicle. You've got Desiree, you've got Marie, you've got Rudy. You've got the folks doing the intake calls and they're doing it with passion. And that's the key thing. We are showing folks in need that we are there to care."

-Kathryn Meyers, President of the Alamo Chapter, Military Officers Association of America

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