Systems Transformation

Partnering with Government to Transform Care

By Brooke McConnell on September 9, 2020
NCDHHS Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen speaks alongside Unite Us Network Director Georgina Dukes in a press conference.

The path to healthier, more equitable, and resilient communities requires an integrated and coordinated approach to meet health and social care needs. In turn, a move to transform our current health and human service system, with an upstream focus on prevention and investment in health and not simply healthcare, requires meaningful collaboration and authentic public/private partnerships.


In this new video, Eric Beane, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Unite Us, discusses our vision of an “ideal state partnership,” one in which our statewide networks operate much like a public utility to improve health, not just healthcare. In this vision, any organization can plug in across multiple sectors to collaborate in real-time and work to develop a new standard for social care that truly drives lasting change and impact. Listen in as Eric discusses one such model currently working in North Carolina and sheds light on emerging opportunities that expand critical access to social services for the justice-involved, aging population, Veterans, and more.

"As we're building mature networks, I'd like to expand to all these other agencies. I'd like to see more alignment around all initiatives designed to serve all different populations, whether it's child welfare, behavioral health, veterans, justice-involved populations, and aging. There is just so much opportunity for impact. We're just scratching the surface." 

Eric previously served as Secretary of Health & Human Services in Rhode Island, where he prioritized improving access to health care, controlling costs, and addressing the addiction and overdose crisis. He previously served as Chief Operating Officer for the State of Rhode Island and as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Governor of Maryland. Earlier in his career, he practiced as a trial attorney for the Federal Programs Branch of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC.


Additionally, in a new resource, Systems Transformation, we take a deeper dive into the role government can play and explore the benefits to be gained by individuals, communities, health systems and plans, and state and local governments. Learn more about:

  • The current landscape of healthcare spending and outcomes;
  • National momentum building for true transformation;
  • Models of partnerships led by state government to move upstream;
  • Measuring outcomes; and
  • Supporting priority state initiatives beyond healthcare.

Learn more about partnering with government to improve outcomes.

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