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Eight on Seven- Purple Heart Day 2017

By Sabina Loscalzo on August, 9 2017


By Sabina Loscalzo

Monday August 7th marked National Purple Heart Day - a day that commemorates the creation of the oldest American Military decoration for merit. Unite Us, was a proud sponsor and participant in the Eight on Seven medal ceremony hosted by non-profit- Purple Hearts Reunited.

The event, hosted at Federal Hall, returned eight lost medals awarded to Veterans from World War I, World War II, the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, and the War in Iraq. Eight families from all over the country attended this emotional ceremony to receive the lost and stolen medals that belonged to their loved ones. The Purple Heart is a decoration that is awarded to those wounded or killed while serving in the U.S Armed Forces and was established by George Washington in New York on August 7th, 1782.

Taylor Justice, Unite Us Co-Founder and President, participated in the event and read the story of PVT Dan Lawrence Feragen of Carlyle Montana. He then presented a flag in honor of PVT Feragen to his nephew Lyle Feragen. Through the process of retrieving the medal, it was discovered that PVT Feragen, a POW in World War II, had never been issued his Purple Heart. His story was finally told.

“They never really knew what had happened exactly, so it’s been a very emotional journey, “-Lyle Feragen*


IMG_4130.jpg                                      Taylor Justice and Lyle Feragen at City Hall August 7th, 2017

PVT Feragen’s story among the seven other Veterans honored yesterday will forever remain in our hearts. Unite Us is honored to have played a small hand in this powerful ceremony and will continue to fight and advocate for Veterans and Military Families across the country.

A big thank you to Purple Hearts Reunited for all the work they do for Veterans and Military Families and to all the families who shared their stories. Most importantly, thank you to all who have served and sacrificed themselves for our country. We are eternally grateful.


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