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Salesforce Highlights Unite Us in their Stakeholder Impact Report

By Emily Rogan on May 7, 2020

It’s no secret that Unite Us values trusting, authentic relationships and instilling confidence in those who share our vision and are on this incredible journey with us. That’s why we were thrilled when Salesforce made the decision to invest in our company and subsequently feature Dan and Taylor on their blog in January


But that’s not all. The Salesforce team included Unite Us in their recent Stakeholder Impact Report, just one of two companies featured in the Investing for Impact section, as a Portfolio Company Spotlight. The report states, “At Salesforce, we believe that technology has the power to accelerate solutions to solve some of the world’s most urgent problems.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why our team is dedicated to elevating social care to the same priority level as health care, and building a public health infrastructure that leads to health equity and community resilience in times of crisis and beyond.


 We are honored to be selected and profiled--this is a testament to Salesforce’s belief in our mission and a validation that their investment will have a profound impact on people’s lives. 



Salesforce Stakeholder Impact Report


Partnerships mean everything to Unite Us and we’ll continue to build bridges and make connections with those who are up for a challenge, ready to roll up their sleeves, and believe that there’s a better way for people to get the care they need and deserve. We’ll keep seeking partners who share our values and believe that all communities should have the resources to take care of each other, achieve collective health and economic prosperity. 


You can access the stakeholder impact report here.



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