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By Sabina Loscalzo on October 18, 2017
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By Sabina Loscalzo

In a time when the state of VA coverage and our healthcare system are unknown, the need for coordination among healthcare providers and trusted Veteran serving organizations has never been so important. We know that the health of our Veterans does not rely solely on the care provided by the VA or any hospital for that matter, but rather their health is more significantly impacted by what happens in the community. Addressing the complex co-occurring needs of our Veterans and their family members can only happen when we do it together. That is what Unite Us has been working towards.

Our mission is to break down silos between healthcare, government, and community organizations and increase collaboration and accountability within communities to ensure that no Veteran goes un-served, and that they are connected to the services they need. We have worked now with 30 communities to build coordinated networks powered by our technology and supported by our team.

On October 12th Unite Us and Brighton Marine, an expanding hub of resources for Veterans, held the second strategy session before the launch of the first ever coordinated network of Veteran serving organizations in the Greater Boston Area. The network, led by Brighton Marine’s Coordination Center and powered by Unite Us, will launch this Veterans Day and is expected to eventually grow to cover the entire Commonwealth and its nearly 370,000 Veterans.

The strategy session led by Unite Us’ Susan Quinn was a powerful gathering of key community leaders ranging from legal providers to nonprofits to local universities, all who are looking to take a new and innovative approach to better serve the Veteran community in the Commonwealth. The session objectives were to engage and onboard the core group of providers that will participate in the network, discuss implementation strategy around the core service areas identified as high need in Greater Boston such as financial assistance, employment, and education and lastly to define the initial cities that will be served when the network launches.

Suffice it to say- the session was a success both in accomplishing the core objectives  and establishing a level of excitement and commitment from providers  throughout the day. For Unite Us, these meetings with our network providers are a fundamental part of our company’s values and identity, and are a key component in our approach to building networks. It takes a community to make change and that includes our team as part of that community.

To bring it back to where we started this post- how can we together start to deliver high quality, accountable, and coordinated care to our Veterans and military families? We believe that the first step is building accountable coordinated networks, to improve communication and collaboration among community providers, and to never lose sight of our mission to serve our heroes.

For more details on the  Greater Boston network check out our recent press release!

Unite Us builds healthier communities by meaningfully engaging and on boarding community providers across healthcare, government, and non profit sectors into  accountable and collaborative networks to ensure that no person goes unserved and that every person in need is accountably connected to the right quality services.

For more information on Unite Us and our Coordinated Networks in 30 communities and 16 states please fill out your information here or call us at 1-844-786-4838. 


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