The Storytelling Collaborative: Let’s Talk Innovation

By Ally Pratt on August, 8 2018


Jason Noxon

On this episode of The Storytelling Collaborative, Kyla Philbrook, Project Manager at Alliance, talks to Taylor Justice, Co-Founder of Unite Us, about his story and the creation of Unite Us, which powers Alliance’s Healthy Together Referral Network. 

Taylor talks about revolutionizing service delivery and why it's becoming so important in today's changing healthcare landscape. He discusses how the network is positioning their communities for success and says that "this is the foundation for service delivery moving forward. The need to connect people to services and the need for organizations and community providers to connect with their complementary partners in a community is not going to change."

"We're super honored to work with Alliance," he says. "They led the way and started to build out this network and create strong connections with these community providers – not just 'let's meet every quarter' or 'let's meet every month,' but let's actually build out infrastructure that will allow us to address the social determinants of health, not just identify them."



You can listen to the podcast here.

To learn more about the Healthy Together Referral Network, go to

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