Unite Us Celebrates 211 Day

By Unite Us on February 2, 2022



On February 11, 2022, Unite Us joins the nation in celebrating National 211 Day—an opportunity to raise awareness about 211 services that help people find the local resources they need. Across the country, 211 organizations are connecting people to critical resources in their community like housing, food, and health care.

This 211 Day, we’re sharing how Unite Us and 211 organizations can create lasting, meaningful partnerships that improve health and social care impact in communities throughout the U.S. Check out the webinar above with Unite Us Co-founder and President Taylor Justice, and Joshua Pedersen, 211 Director of Network Operations & Performance at United Way Worldwide. Taylor and Joshua lead a discussion on advancing health in communities and making sure every individual gets connected to the care they need.

“We want to be in every county and every parish connecting the dots for organizations that want to participate on the network and figure out ways where we can advance social care to the same priority level as health care.”

Taylor Justice, President of Unite Us

Currently, we have regional and statewide partnerships with 211 organizations across the U.S. We value our partnerships with 211s and look forward to expanding our collective vision for collaboration and building healthier communities.

“Going back to our core values, this is not an easy thing to solve, but the best way to do it is if we do it together.

–Joshua Pedersen, 211 Director of Network Operations & Performance at United Way Worldwide


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