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Network Spotlight: United Community

By Keith Nicholson on August 15, 2019
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Keith Nicholson


United Community in Louisville, Kentucky is a coordinated care network of local community-based providers powered by Metro United Way and Unite Us. With the city government, Jefferson County Public School System, and local MCOs, United Community seeks to knit together the greater Louisville area in a more efficient and cost-effective way.


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"The more partners we have on [Unite Us] from different areas of the community, the better and more robust the system is going to be – and the better we'll be able to be at telling those who support the nonprofit space in general where the needs are and really have that evidence and data of what's most effective so that we can hopefully raise the resources we need."

-Theresa Reno-Weber, President & CEO of Metro United Way


Members of the Greater Louisville community looking to learn more about United Community or join the network, please visit:


To learn more about Unite Us:

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